The National Conference Series

Westley is currently touring as Keynote at ‘The National Conference Series‘ run by Pearson Australia.

This two day conference offers a range of innovative and diverse workshops focussing on the effective use of ICT across the curriculum.

Participants will become familiar with the latest national and international research on the successful application of digital technologies to support teaching and learning.

The hands-on workshops will provide participants with practical strategies they can adopt in their classrooms and will demonstrate how the strategies connect to the general capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum.


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Coming Soon

This blog will house all presentations, and information that I speak about as I meet educators from around the world to discuss how education is being transformed and can be designed.

Two of the most prominent areas of interest that I am currently exploring include ‘the flipped School‘ (blended or hybrid) approach to learning and how ‘Spaces for learning’, both virtual and actual can affect learning.  I have included links to interesting articles and sites that I have been watching in those areas.

I will also share information around the frameworks that I use to make sense of all the changes that are happening with educaiton.

I appreciate your patience and aim to post each week from here on in.  I will include the slides I use in my presentations as well as links to you tube resources, pictures and stories that I gather.

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Space affects learning

As Walden puts it ‘A space is much four walls floor and ceiling. The spacial conditions that should be considered for human well being include colour scheme, heating, lighting and ventilation, accoustics smells and furnishings. All these aspects can significantly influence the sense of well beingand readiness to learn and therefor learning performance. (Walden 2009)

Flexibility is the key.  As we move towards personalization we must have space that can and will adapt to the needs of the learning environment, the teacher and the student learning needs.

Space—whether physical or virtual—can have an impact on learning. It can bring people together; it can encourage exploration, collaboration, and discussion. Or, space can carry an unspoken message of silence and disconnectedness. (Diane Orblinger




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